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Forest Park Waterhole Story Videos

2020 An early season check on the status of the Waterhole Although it was almost noon when we were able to stop by, the activity was jam packed with warblers and others! The activity is starting to pickup! Take a look! Baby Robins in the nest along with warblers and other migrants galore! More migrants […]

Oakland Lake Story Videos

2020 Made a short stop to check out the waterfowl – always fun to see what migrating species have arrived! An unplaned stop yielded an unexpected bird! Took a quick little solo trip here this afternoon. When a Prothonotary Warbler was spotted here we had to check it out! 2019 Took a quick walk around […]

Oakland Lake

Oakland Lake is a 15,000-year-old spring-fed glacial kettle pond and is part of the Alley Pond Park Complex.
There is a paved .6 mile loop around the lake, and while it can get quite crowded with joggers and walkers, it’s a great birding spot.