Reserva Natural El Dorado

This was one of our favorite lodges in Colombia.

Email is the best way to reach them:

TIP: email them directly instead of using the online booking system. 

—The lodge is a non-profit and was created by ProAves,  a nonprofit environmental organization in Colombia established in 1998. Its primary aims are to protects birds of conservation concern and their habitats across Colombia.

—We stayed in the Private Kogihabs which were AMAZING. They have a 2 person capacity and were just incredible…especially the view. It was a difficult trek back and forth from the lodge to the roomsespecially in the dark. They are probably around a 1/4 mile or more rocky uphill walk, and across a bridge. ***The lodge DOES have “regular” rooms much closer to the lodge for a lower rate. The rate of the Private Kogihabs was around $200/night and included ALL food, as well as water, coffee/tea, and snacks!

ROOM CHOICES: We stayed in one of the Deluxe Cabanas overlooking the river.
#3 specifically -and we LOVED it. 

TIP: It can get quite cold up in the mountains. We had a second pair of tight pants as a base layer and brought small down packable jackets. It was needed! The mornings were in the 40’s to 50’sF (4.4-10C). 

BRING A FLASHLIGHT. This is a MUST. There are no flashlights in the rooms
(something they need to do), but you can ask to borrow one at the main lodge.

🍽️ The service was really fantastic and spot on, and the food was great. It was just enough food (sometimes we needed to raid the snack bowl after a lot of walking ;)) and everything went smoothly.

They did have pretty good wifi – but there are times the power may go out. At that time, there will be no wifi.
If the power loss continues, they will run the generator for a couple of hours so you can charge your batteries, get online, etc. 

There was a beautiful outside feeder area overlooking the dining area.
You could spend a whole day out there!

***They do not accept credit cards on site (in case you want to purchase any extra drinks) but they do accept both USD and Colombian Pesos. 

One of our fave spots was the upper level of the dining area – especially at sunset.